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“Hat's off to the Bark Ave. crew for helping Puppet and so many other wonderful dogs get a chance in life! You're awesome.”

Did You Know...
According to American
Canine Temperament Testing Association, the American Pit Bull Terrier has a pass rate of 95%. This makes it the fourth highest passing dog breed out of 122 breeds. Remember, ban the deed not the breed!

Pit Stop --
What It Means to Be a Bully Breed Owner and Keeping Up Your End of the Leash.

The owners and staff of Bark Avenue are passionate about helping dogs…not only dogs with families, but homeless dogs too. While Bark Avenue is not a dog rescue, we have rescued, nursed back to health, fostered, rehabilitated or rehomed over 300 homeless dogs since we opened our doors in 2002. We’ve even had a handful of “lifers” who were very much loved and lived out their natural lives at Bark Avenue because they were deemed unadoptable for various reasons.

In 2011, Daniel and Amy, along with some other passionate dog lovers and the support of our clients and friends, laid the foundation and launched K9 4 KEEPS, NFP. Daniel and Amy both held board positions with K9 4 KEEPS until early 2016, when they resigned in order to focus on Bark Avenue.

Our passion for helping homeless dogs didn’t stop there. Bark Avenue continues to help local rescues, and the occasional Bark Avenue rescue dog to find their forever homes.

If you are looking for a dog and don’t find the one you’re looking for on this page, we recommend visiting Petfinder to find your new family member.


Meet Dogs Name

“Chloe and I are doing great and miss you all! She is such a great dog and is my very best friend. I cannot imagine life without her. Thank you for bringing her into my life!”
Rest In Peace Our Beloved Tank

Tank was one of our “lifers”. He came to us with a hoof-print on his face and left us with paw prints on our heart. We miss him.