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Weekdays: 6:30am–8:30pm
Weekends & Holidays:

“My dog LOVES going to daycare at Bark Avenue! She even knows when we are on the street a block away. She gets so excited she whimpers the entire last block. When the door opens, she practically drags me in. Thanks for making sure my baby has a great time at daycare!”

Ask about our FREE
Saturdays at 11am
Contact us for availability. Includes training evaluation and mini lesson with
your dog.

DOGGIE DAYCARE…Seven Days a Week Daycare is a great way for your dog to burn extra energy while you’re at work. Bark Avenue Playcare, Inc is near Chicago’s West Loop. Your dog will be tired and happy after spending the day with us.

At Bark Avenue Playcare, Inc, we design our play groups based on the dogs’ size, temperament and needs. All play groups are supervised, and we treat your dog like one of our own. Does your dog prefer a game of fetch or would they rather hang out alone with someone and get their belly scratched?

Safety is our #1 priority. We take that seriously, which is why we are not a cage free facility. Dogs get tired and grumpy too. They can also become overstimulated, which could lead to a bite or a fight. To protect all of our guests, we provide a structured outlet for fun while maintaining the level of safety needed with dogs. When your dog is resting between playtimes, he/she will be hanging out or napping in a spacious kennel or run with a cot bed and/or blankets for comfort. Check out our FAQs for more specifics about dog daycare at Bark Avenue.
We have two-tier pricing for our daycare service based on whether or not your dog trained with us. You will save big bucks on daycare and have a more enjoyable relationship with your dog after completing our training program.

TIER 1: (Your dog has NOT trained with us)
Single Visit $40
10 Visit Package* $380 ($38/day)
20 Visit Package* $720 ($36/day)

TIER 2: (Your dog HAS trained at Bark Avenue)
Single Visit $35
10 Visit Package* $330 ($33/day)
20 Visit Package* $600 ($30/day)

SAVE 25% on daycare for
each additional dog!

Daycare is FREE on training days. Get 3 FREE Daycare Days for your dog by referring a friend who signs their dog up for Lifetime Obedience Program. Take advantage of 25% OFF your dogs FIRST GROOM at Bark Avenue!!!
*All daycare packages expire 6 months from date of purchase. Bark Avenue Playcare, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to aggressive dogs.
All major credit cards accepted. $30 fee for insufficient funds. Prices subject to change. Proof of vaccinations are required.

Vet Recommended —
Dog Owner Approved!
and loving staff.
Unbeatable care for unbeatable prices.
No daycare reservations
or minimum weekly visits required. No pick-up/
drop-off windows.
Most convenient hours
in the neighborhood with
FREE street parking.
Spacious and clean indoor/outdoor play areas and boarding runs.
A portion of our
resources go to helping
dogs in need. We have helped find homes for
300 dogs and counting
since we opened in 2002.