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Weekdays: 6:30am–8:30pm
Weekends & Holidays:
“I love having my dog groomed on days that I take him to Bark Ave for daycare. It is so convenient! After a long day of play, my dog not only comes home tired, but smells great too!”



Is a clean dog a happy dog?
Maybe, maybe not… but a clean dogs owner
is surely a happy dog owner!

**We are currently available to do basic grooms only (which consists of bath, brush-out, blow dry, ear cleaning, and nail trims). We are not able to offer haircuts or shave-downs at this time.**

We work on one dog at a time and they will be DRIED BY HAND — NO CAGE DRYING! Even if your dog doesn’t like being groomed, our patient and loving approach just might convince your dog that getting groomed at Bark Avenue can be positive experience…and maybe even FuN!
You can bring your dog in at the time of your appointment and pick them up when they are finished…OR you can have your dog stay the day with us. We realize it is not always possible to block out a 2 hour appointment in the middle of the day. That is why we offer the convenience of having your dog stay for daycare too. Your dog will enjoy some playtime before and/or after their grooming appointment. After a long day of work for you, there is nothing better than taking home a clean and tired pup! If your dog is with us for 6 hours or less, there will be no additional charge for daycare.

Is your dog boarding with us? If you would
like your dog to go home squeaky-clean, you can make an appointment to have him/her groomed toward the end of their stay. For dogs boarding three or more nights, we offer 25% OFF GROOMING. This offer is based on the groomers availability, so an appointment scheduled in advance is always appreciated.

Prices vary by breed/condition.
Email us for a baseline price for your dog. Specific prices can only be
determined after seeing the dog.

Bark Avenue Playcare, Inc. reserves the right to refuse service to aggressive dogs.
All major credit cards accepted. $30 fee for insufficient funds. Prices subject to change. Proof of vaccinations are required.

Email us to
Schedule a Grooming Appointment for
Your Dog(s)

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