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Bark Avenue Playcare’s rescue arm, K9 4 KEEPS is an all-breed rescue. Neither Bark Avenue nor K9 4 KEEPS discriminates against pit bulls or any breed of dog. October 1, kicks off Pit Bull Awareness Month! Each day, we will post something pit bull related on K9 4 KEEPS Facebook page, such as information about the breed, adorable pictures of pitties, or stories about some of the wonderful pit bulls or pit mixes we know and love (and some who need homes, too!) We will share these posts on Bark Avenue’s Facebook page too. This Tuesday’s Tail is today's post by Caroline Bodnar, one of K9 4 KEEPS board members.
— October 1, 2013 —

Pit Bull Awareness Month
by Caroline Bodnar

I have always been an animal lover, especially partial to dogs. Growing up, I remember being a little bit scared of my friend’s German Shorthair Pointer, and my cousins’ Golden Retriever. These dogs never harmed me, and were actually very nice dogs, but for some reason they made me a little nervous. Who knows why?! As I got older and was exposed to more dogs, German Shepherds made me a little nervous too. This fact has proved to have great irony, since I now have a big, smushy, hairy, male GSD who loves to lick my face, lay in my lap, and show me his belly.

A lot of people see a pit bull and they automatically think the pit bull is aggressive. I attribute this to the very negative way the media has portrayed this breed. My knowledge of pits started from watching Animal Cops on TV. Instead of seeing pit bulls as mean, scary dogs, I saw them as a breed that has been severely mistreated and exploited by humans. Watch Animal Cops, or look at any website of shelters or city pounds, and you will instantly see the staggering number of pit bulls who are emaciated, abused, neglected, and discarded.

I have encountered hundreds of dogs of all breeds, ages, and sizes as a result of my position in dog rescue as well as being a former employee of Bark Avenue Playcare. I have handled, played with, and helped train many, many pit bulls. I am now the proud owner of a deaf pit bull myself (K9 4 KEEPS alum Gypsy, formerly Bella). What I have learned is this: any dog of any breed can have any temperament. Sure, breeds have characteristics. That being said, the vast majority of pit bulls I know are friendly, wiggly, confident, and snuggly. Owning a pit bull is not for everyone, just like owning a small dog, or a dog who sheds a lot is not for everyone. What I do wish is that people who think pit bulls should be banned, and people who are scared of the breed in general, would take the time to get to know a pit bull or two, and see that these dogs can be sweet, social, wonderful family dogs, just like any other breed.

I hope you enjoy our Daily Pittie Posts! I’ll leave you with this adorable picture of my pack, which of course includes a little white pit bull who loves her brothers very much.

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