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— June 17, 2014 —

Warning about a danger to your dog.
by Daniel McElroy Jr.

Recently we were made aware of a new (to us at least) situation that we wanted to inform everyone about. We were made aware of this by a social media post made by Chicago Canine Concierge.

Evidently, a dog owner was in a local pet supply store and was accused of letting her dog bite someone. The photo they sent as evidence is the image on the left hand side of the picture you see here (photo credit withheld by request). This shows a pretty nasty bite but here’s the thing…this is NOT a dog bite. It is a HUMAN bite. On the right hand image (photo credit: Leslie Wooldridge), we can see an actual dog bite.

The teeth on the first bite are clearly not in the same configuration as the dog bite. Also, if the dog had bitten deeply enough to inflict the bite we see, the canine teeth wounds would be clearly visible. As you can see, the canines are not present on the human bite. At least one canine tooth puncture wound is obvious in the photo of the dog bite.

As luck would have it, the store’s cameras were not working at the time of the incident, so the dog had to be quarantined on a “rabies observation” for ten days. This was not an inexpensive proposition and of course the dog will have a bite record if this is not judged properly.

Why would someone do such a thing? Well, the first thing that comes to mind is money. Possibly they were hoping the owner would just give them some cash on the spot to make it go away. They may even go as far as to try to file a lawsuit against the dog’s owner or the store.

What’s my advice for situations like this? Good question. This situation underscores the importance of always watching out for your dogs when in public. I ALWAYS supervise who my dogs meet. In fact, some might think of me as a little paranoid. Unfortunately, this type of situation happens and by being diligent we can hopefully avoid someone getting scammed and a dog getting a “bite record.”


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