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— July 15, 2014 —

Is your dog, “friendly” to other dogs, or “too friendly” to other dogs?
by Daniel McElroy Jr.

Last week, Bark Avenue Playcare, Inc shared the following blog post on our Facebook page:
“Your dog isn’t being friendly. He’s an asshole. And so are you.” from The Dog Snobs.

I was worried that it might get a negative response…after all, it is sort of blunt. Despite my worry, it was actually liked and shared a few times and no-one said anything bad about the post. I took this to mean that perhaps there are a few people out there who understood and could relate to the points made by the author.

I can relate myself. I have a 9 year old Male Rottweiler who is extremely social with dogs, cats, bunny rabbits, people, you name it. Peace loves everything except rude dogs. What I mean by rude is this. He meets dogs properly and has good social skills, but he won’t tolerate a dog that charges up to his face, jumps on his neck (Ooohhh no you didn’t!!!!) or, God forbid, tries to hump him. As my own little confessional, he wasn’t always so polite. He used to be that pushy dog that would shove his whole head under a new dog practically lifting their back feet off the ground. Maturity and a lot of training on impulse control has done him a world of good.

All of these things constitute poor social skills or in the dog’s world, they are simply rude things to do. As dog owners, we are responsible for making sure our dogs display proper etiquette when meeting people or dogs. As much as you may be mortified if your dog runs up and jumps on a stranger, you should be equally as mortified if your dog jumps on another dog. It’s rude.

Sure, many dogs will tolerate rude behavior from another dog just fine, but there are some that won’t. Some dogs will correct rude behavior and THAT dog is usually the one who gets the blame. After all, he was just being friendly? Right?


The overly pushy dog that gets snapped at is just like that “touchy feely” guy who ladies can’t stand. He’s taking liberties and violating the personal space of others.

If your dog is often snapped at during greetings, perhaps it might be time to take a look at his behavior. Is he greeting dogs calmly, respectful of doggie social norms? Perhaps the other dogs are trying to tell you something. It doesn’t mean that he’s a bad dog. It just means that some training may be in order…for both of you.


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