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— September 23, 2014 —

Fall and Your Dog
by Daniel McElroy Jr.

It’s Fall in Chicago. The weather is changing and so are the leaves.

Like it or not, Summer is pretty much over. The cooler weather of Fall reminds us that Old Man Winter will soon be paying us a visit. Fall brings us changing leaves, great holiday meals and crisp mornings. The cooler weather is also a welcome relief to those of us who own breeds that are less-tolerant of hot weather, myself included.

For all it’s great weather, awesome color and tasty dishes, Fall and Winter do pose some hazards to you and your furry best friends.

The holidays bring Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah and other celebrations which include meals with family and friends. We’ve touched on it before, but please keep an eye on your dogs to make sure they don’t get ahold of anything toxic or dangerous. This is a list of many, but not all common foods that can be dangerous to your dog.

Winter leads to cold days where we really don’t want to go out. all that much. Remember to keep your pets active in winter and possibly reduce their feedings to prevent unwanted Winter weight gain. Of course, if you do remain active, your dog may actually need more food to help them stay warm outside.

If necessary, start getting your dog used to wearing booties now, before there is snow, salt and ice on the ground. Here at Bark Avenue Playcare, Inc. we just restocked our supply of PawZ Dog Boots, a very effective paw protecting product. It’s designed like a rubber balloon and keeps salt and ice from between your dog’s pads. We swear by them in our household.

In the fall, your neighbors may replace the antifreeze in their vehicles. Antifreeze contains a chemical that can be both attractive to dogs and lethal in small doses. If you see any discarded antifreeze bottles, please remove them. Also, keep your dog away from spills. There can be enough antifreeze in a small puddle to do serious harm, especially if you have a small dog.

So, enjoy the Fall and plan for Old Man Winter too. Just keep an eye out for a few dangers and both you and your dog will have a great season.


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