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— September 30, 2014 —

Microchip your dogs…and update the info!
by Daniel McElroy Jr.

Last week, a board member for K9 4 KEEPS found a stray dog. The dog was very sweet and ran right up to her when she stopped her car. She was a Basset hound mix and was very well cared for. She was clean and actually smelled like she had been bathed recently.

This didn’t seem to be a real long-term stray dog. We’ve seen quite a few and this was someone’s pet. We knew they must be missing her.

I asked Caroline to bring her over to Bark Avenue so we could scan her for a microchip. A microchip is a tiny device that is implanted under a dog’s skin, usually between the shoulder blades. It stays there for life (although they have been known to shift position a bit). The microchip has a serial number that is linked to a data storage service. The data storage facility keeps the owner’s information on file so they can be contacted if the dog is ever lost.

The dog was chipped and this was great news. We would call, get the owner’s number and have her home in time for dinner.

Unfortunately, this was not the case. We got a number and left messages. I even sent a text message. I got a reply from the dog’s previous owner. She had been surrendered to a shelter two years prior and was quite surprised to hear from us. The information on the microchip was not up to date.

Through social media, we were finally able to get in touch with her current owners. They picked her up her the next morning.

Recently, a video made it through social media that showed a dog being re-united with her owner after being lost for 7 long months.

Because this dog was microchipped and her owners kept their contact information current with the microchip company, this dog was able to be reunited with her family. If this dog’s info wasn’t correct, she might have never made it home. The sad truth is that most strays that do end up in shelters never make it out alive. Thankfully, this was a very happy ending for Dora and her family.

If your pet isn't microchipped, make an appointment with your vet today…and if your pet is, please take a moment to make sure the contact information you have on file with your microchip company is current. It could save his/her life.


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