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Since we had a litter or rescue puppies in the house and this was during the busy holiday season, we had to take some time off of writing Tuesday’s Tail. Now that the puppies are all out in great forever and foster homes, things have settled down a bit and we’re back!!

Today’s Tail is a little off the cuff. It was in an email written last year by Patience. Patience was one of our training apprentices and she has gone on to have a successful business of her own. It’s a pretty candid example of a “Golden Moment” one of those little insights that helps a trainer make sense to a client. It’s some insight into how we dog trainers think. We hope you enjoy it as well.

When we dog trainers take on a dog, we often say that it's more important to train the human. This is a very true statement. We even use a lot of the same thought process to train our human clients. It’s important to accept the dog you have and use their natural talents to help them succeed. You can’t make a dog something he isn’t. The same goes for the human in the relationship. The best way to help everyone succeed is to use their pre-existing talents and show them how to work with the strengths they already have.
Happy New Year,

— January 6, 2015 —
A Note From Patience

I’ve learned a lot from you.

……like how to take what your client does for a living and remind them of their powers.

I have a client who survived brain cancer and is a nurse.

She pumps iron in the gym.

Physically, she’s a rock.

……but her dog is nervous.

I can see that some of this nervousness comes, in part, from Mama.

Maybe Mama is under pressure, working full time as a nurse, AND also on her doctorate.

Maybe she feels guilty that her schedule is so tight that she can’t spend the time she’d like to with her dog.

She makes up for it with loads and loads of affection for her dog.

Guilty affection followed by nervous dog—a natural progression.

I remind Mama how strong she is, what a fighter she is, what she has survived, what she deals with every day at the hospital, how she manages her toughest patients……

……that she truly IS the strong leader that her dog needs her to be.

The change won’t come overnight, but I know that I have planted a seed.

I’ve done this before.

Ultimately my pep talks take hold, and I see my client stand taller and smile more.

Their training techniques improve and they begin to feel their power.

I will continue to remind her of her own inner strength.

This good thing will happen.
This technique—this way to draw from your client’s life experience is one of the great things I learned from you.

 Thank you Daniel McElroy.

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