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— April 28, 2015 —
Dealing With The Loss Of A Pet
by Daniel McElroy Jr.

We have had to say goodbye to a lot of great pets over the years. Not everyone deals with it the same way. Here are a few resources that can help.

Three weeks ago, we said goodbye to Della Rae Bug, a very long time resident of Bark Avenue Playcare, Inc and our home. As sad as it was to see her go, we got a great deal of satisfaction that we gave her the best life she could have had. With her slightly unpleasant behavioral issues, many places would not have kept her around. Additionally, we were able to bring her to our home for the last few months of her life and she truly enjoyed herself here.

We have also, sadly, had a few clients lose dogs over the last few weeks and months. We remember and miss all of them.

When we lose a dog, we talk about them and remember all of the things that we enjoyed about them and all the things they taught us. This seems to help us go from missing them sadly, to remembering them fondly. Some people may not have family and friends around to help them with this process. When we got Della’s ashes back, there was a package with information on resources that are intended help people to cope with the loss of a pet. I will post a few of the resources below. Hopefully it helps someone who may be going through the loss of a pet.
This site helps to understand the process of loosing a pet.
Preparing For The Loss Of A Pet: www.veterinarywisdomforpetparents.com/preparing

We all know when it is coming. Sometimes wondering when to “make the decision” is as hard as actually loosing our pets. This site will help you determine when your pet’s quality of life is no longer there and when it is time.
Quality Of Life Scale: www.allpetcareanimalhospital.com

Young children may not understand the process of death and loss. This site may help.
A Guide to Help Children Cope With The Loss of A Pet: www.childpetloss.com

Many people may want some sort of memorial to remember their pet. These sites offer urns, plaques and so forth.
In the end, losing a pet is a tough thing to deal with. Personally, very few things have been harder for me to deal with than losing a dog that has been with me for a decade. Someone once posted a statement that summed it up perfectly. I wish I knew who wrote it.

“The pain you feel for them when they’re gone is your thanks to them for all that they gave you while they were here.”


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