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Protection Sport with Windy City Working Dogs, Inc. Personal Protection and Protection Sport Training may be the least understood of all disciplines in dog training. Although the initial impression may appear to be “mean dogs biting people”, the actual reason for the training is very different. Personal Protection and Protection Sport training is designed to give the owners of defensive or protective dogs more control over their dog’s natural instincts. Dogs that are trained in these exercises are still loyal, social companion animals. In fact, some of our clients report that their dogs are better behaved and calmer after they have had this type of work.

Training with Windy City Working Dogs takes place on Wednesdays and Saturdays in Chicago. Their club members include a wide variety of dog/handler teams working toward both sport and personal protection goals.

Our goal at Windy City Working Dogs is to provide a friendly environment for consistent, high quality training for working dogs and handlers. We welcome members with a background or interest in all dog sports as well as those who may not wish to compete but would like to be part of an active training community.

Training Director Daniel McElroy first became involved with working dogs in 2002 and has been actively training working dogs ever since. Training styles include PSA, personal Protection and police-patrol work. The rates for training are based on an annual fee and/or a per-visit basis.

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Windy City Working Dogs, Inc. has limited enrollment availability. For more information and to have your dog evaluated for this program, please
email Daniel here.
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