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“Daniel has been training our Rottie for 2 years. He has learned so much and Daniel never runs out of new things to teach him.
Our dog looks forward to going to ‘school’. If you want consistency with dog training, this is the place to go. Daniel will work with your dog until he/she gets it right!”
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Dog Training is an ever-evolving art and science. Over the years we have seen every fad training technique come and go, but a few simple principles will never change.

The most important one is this: A trainer must be able to explain to the dog what they are asking him/her to do, and teach the dog to LOVE doing it.

Every weekend* we host a free “Dog Training 101 Workshop.” It’s open to the public, free of charge and no strings attached. It’s our way of “giving back” to the dog community that has been so good to us for nearly two decades. At that workshop, I open with one simple question.

That question is this: “Why would a dog do any behavior?” I get a million different answers, some good…some not so good, but the bottom line is this. If you understand what reinforcement REALLY means, you can have a dog that LOVES to do obedience behaviors in any environment.

While we understand that every dog is different, and some dogs may have temperament challenges, with the right approach even difficult dogs can become the best possible version of themselves. Our Training Philosophy is centered on teaching solid behavioral principles. Once completed, you will know how to teach your dog a behavior any time you’d like them to learn something new.

Basically, we teach you how to train your dog.

*Once or twice a year I am unavailable on a weekend. Contact us to confirm availability. ~DM

Training Programs & Seminars Offered At Bark Avenue Playcare

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Daycare is FREE on Obedience Training days. Get 3 FREE Daycare Days for your dog by referring a friend who signs their dog up for our Lifetime Obedience Program.

Ask about our FREE
Saturdays at 11am
Contact us for availability. Includes training evaluation and mini lesson with
your dog.
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